Our Partnership with the University of Oxford

Akrivia Health is a University of Oxford spinout and many of the company’s officers/employees have a longstanding working relationship with each other.

The parties recognise their complementary strengths in the field of mental illness and dementias and wish to strengthen their relationship for their mutual benefit, and in particular, to accelerate research directed towards improved treatment and outcomes for patients living with these conditions.

To this end, a partnering agreement has been established to provide a framework for assessing collaboration opportunities of mutual interest and strategic value.

Akrivia partners

Benefits of the Partnership

Access to real world evidence

Increasing access to real world evidence from industry for education and employment purposes.

Internship Program with the Department of Psychiatry

To facilitate exchanges of staff and students, including internships, placements and similar opportunities for undergraduates, postgraduates and University employees at Akrivia Health.

Presentation of research findings

Providing increased opportunities for the presentation of research findings to a global community.

Flexible Resource

To create a flexible resource comprised of data scientists and clinicians with specialist knowledge that can be used for delivery of client consulting projects and academic/clinical/business research projects of mutual interest.

Global Networking

To develop links into international markets and research institutions that are focused on accelerating research in mental illness and dementias.


To enable opportunities (and increase the success rate) of joint applications for research grants.