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Akrivia Health consulting services help Pharma and Biotech companies to uncover clinical insights and collect Real World (RW) evidence during the drug/therapy research and discovery phases. Today, 85% of the EHR data resides within free text fields such as clinical notes, making it inaccessible for the data analysis, leaving the industry with limited insights.

Advanced AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms enables Akrivia to create the world’s largest de-identified mental health and dementias database. Akrivia’s RW data insights enable the industry to create economic cases, build an understanding of patient clinical pathways and obtain proof of new drug performance vs. existing incumbents.

Our clients can assess market adoption rates and create compelling value propositions to health practitioners. 

Obtain data for economic case-building – market analysis and unmet need identification

Gather data to demonstrate new treatments value to the healthcare system and the patient

Prove drug effectiveness in the RW environment

Showcase correct drug use as per the prescription

Prove safe drug use

Obtain data for informed drug efficacy improvements

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