What Type of Data?

Akrivia Health holds the largest and richest mental health and dementias clinical research database.

Our records reflect patient pathways with depth of clinical content, and span back up to 15 years, with over 30 billion data points.  

This includes structured information like patient histories, diagnosis, co-morbidities, admissions, treatments, test results, outcome measures, consent to various treatments and medication, assessments, demographics, care plans etc. 

It also includes previously inaccessible unstructured information captured within the ‘clinical notes’ or ‘progress notes’ field of Electronic Patient Records (EPR) usually in the form of free text produced by clinicians.  

The information extracted from this data is very useful for research and can also help organisations better understand how care is being delivered, the causes of disease and the effectiveness of interventions and medications. 

De-identified Data

The Akrivia Health platform has been built to preserve patient privacy and facilitate vital research in mental health and dementias. Healthcare organisations use the system to remove personal information embedded within the patient electronic medical record, whilst preserving the rich clinical data that can be used to aid research and improve services. The system effectively ‘de-identifies’ these records to ensure confidentiality is retained 

In other words, all identifiable details such as name, surname, telephone numbers, addresses and NHS numbers are removed, masked, or modified to protect patient privacy and minimises the chance of identifying an individual.  

The use of the Akrivia Health Platform enables greater research opportunities in a safe and secure manner. Before the development of the platform, researchers would have to look through large volumes of patient records, which could take months of effort. The same level of research can now be carried out in a fraction of the time, whilst preserving privacy and across a larger cohort of patients by the help of  the Akrivia Health platform.

Ensures individual privacy and confidentiality

Preserves data utility so scientific research and service improvement work can be carried out

Creates opportunity for health care providers and health systems to learn from experience and improve

Accelerates the setup of new research and clinical trial opportunities for patients

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