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Akrivia Health enables organisations to securely work with the world’s largest and most in-depth dataset comprised of structured psychiatric data. Our platform contains over 14 billion datapoints representing interactions between clinicians and their patients.

Our team of domain specialists, including AI Scientists and Clinical Annotators, support clients in understanding psychiatry clinical data and how it can be used to develop precision psychiatry models.

We are developing a global community of individuals and organisations who are thought leaders in mental illness and dementias.

Precision Medicine

Akrivia Health has the largest and richest repository of real-world data in dementia and psychiatric conditions, this enables our clients and collaborators to accelerate clinical trials, develop effective new drugs and services, and deliver them to caregivers and patients who need them most.

Our aim is to enable a new generation of precision neuroscience, to alleviate the burden in one of the world’s most pressing medical needs.

Available Clinical Data drawn from Akrivia Health’s Research Platform:

  • Demographics, diagnosis, care episodes, appointments, assessments drawn directly from Electronic Health Records
  • NEW structured data derived from patients’ free text clinical notes via Akrivia Health’s AI driven natural language processing (NLP).  Includes a data driven structing pipeline containing insights on medication, symptoms, additional diagnosis, and demographic information
  • Additional data from neuropsychiatric evaluation conducted at the time of patient recruitment.
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Real Word Evidence & Real World Data

Akrivia Health services help Pharma and Biotech companies to uncover clinical insights and collect Real World (RW) evidence during the drug/therapy research and discovery phases. Today, 85% of the EHR data resides within free text fields such as clinical notes, making it inaccessible for the data analysis, leaving the industry with limited insights.

Advanced AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms enables Akrivia to create the world’s largest de-identified mental health and dementias database. Akrivia’s RW data insights enable the industry to create economic cases, build an understanding of patient clinical pathways and obtain proof of new drug performance vs. existing incumbents.

Clients can assess market adoption rates and create compelling value propositions to health practitioners.

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Supporting the future of mental health

Akrivia Health supports the development of therapeutic and non-therapeutic improvements across multiple stages of the process. We have combined working with the world’s most in-depth psychiatric clinical database, with specialist AI Scientists and a global community of individuals to change the trajectory of research in mental illnesses and dementias. There are six key areas where we are able to help you:

Early stage drug discovery

Work with the de-identified data to identify unmet medical needs and the potential causes behind these conditions leading to early stage drug discovery.

Patient and Site Recruitment and Retention

Understand which sites may result in better patient recruitment and retention based upon the characteristics of the patients.

Use our safe re-identification service to enrol patients and begin your clinical trial with your pre-defined cohort of patients.

Post Launch Evaluation and Pharmacovigilence

The combination of the Akriva Health platform, application of the OMOP Common Data Model and our AI Scientists provide  the capability to identify the quality of data and the evidence that can be generated from the clinical records thus reducing time and resource needed to collect, investigate and report on adverse events.

Market Access and Sales Tracking

The Akrivia Health platform identifies which competing drugs are being used as potentially within specific clinical scenarios, off label use and where potential compliance issues may exist. In addition, the data will be able to support Patient Access Schemes should the drug is considered to be too expensive by local government.

Clinical Trial Optimisation

Link healthcare organisations with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies to help deliver their R&D Strategy, generate revenue and improve trial efficiencies

Service Evaluation and Quality Improvement audits

There is still limited opportunity to work with de-identified patient level data, that has been structured, to conduct strategic or operational reviews. Where it is available, organisations do not have the ability to extract key information due to data formats and a lack of coding standards, missing data and duplicate data.

Information Governance constraints often limit the capability to conduct analysis using a federated search. Our platform enables work to be conducted on models that are statistically valid across multiple organisations under a robust Information Governance model.

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