Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

By leveraging the power of longitudinal real-world data, we enable stakeholders to make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and improve patient outcomes. 

Here are some ways our consultancy team can support health economics and outcomes research

Inform treatment decision-making

Akrivia Health can provide insights into the effectiveness of various treatments in real-world settings. This will help you make informed decisions about which treatments are most likely to achieve desired outcomes

Medical resource utilisation

Akrivia Health can help you evaluate the cost-effectiveness of various interventions, such as medication or behavioural therapy, giving additional insight to help you determine which interventions to fund and prioritise.

Identify patient and subtype patient populations

We can help you understand who will benefit from certain treatments or interventions, and what the signs and symptoms are of your targeted patient population

Monitor safety

Identify potential safety concerns and inform regulatory decisions.

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