Akrivia Hub

Access an additional 75%* of longitudinal real world data through the Akrivia Health™ SaaS platform which contains unique functionality to enable you to truly understand neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative conditions within the patient population of your choosing. 

Akrivia Hub

Use Akrivia Health’s AI-driven natural language processing (NLP) tool, trained by and for experts in the mental health and dementias space, to access demographics, diagnoses, care episodes, appointments, and assessments drawn directly from Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). This longitudinal evergreen data captures 17bn ethnically diverse data points. 

Cohort Builder

Build and save cohorts based on user specified inclusion and exclusion criteria, including functions for grouping and sets of criteria. Preview cohort sizes at each step. 

Custom Analytics

Build customer charts and tables for specified cohorts

Cohort Comparison

Ability to compare multiple cohorts (cross sectionally and over time)

Clinical Trial Support

Speed up recruitment for your clinical study and submit a re-identification request for patients within a specified cohort.