What we Offer

Akrivia Health supports 3 key areas of drug discovery and development.

 RWD/RWE    |    Clinical Trial Optimisation    |    Precision Neuroscience


Supporting the future of mental health​

Akrivia Health enables organisations to securely work with the world’s largest and most in-depth dataset comprised of structured psychiatric data. Our platform contains over 17 billion datapoints representing interactions between clinicians and their patients.

Our team of domain specialists, including AI Scientists and Clinical Annotators, support clients in understanding psychiatry clinical data and how it can be used to develop precision psychiatry models.

We are developing a global community of individuals and organisations who are thought leaders in mental illness and dementias.

Early stage drug discovery

Work with the de-identified data to identify unmet medical needs and the potential causes behind these conditions leading to early stage drug discovery.

Patient and Site Recruitment and Retention

Understand which sites may result in better patient recruitment and retention based upon the characteristics of the patients.

Use our safe re-identification service to enrol patients and begin your clinical trial with your pre-defined cohort of patients.

Post Launch Evaluation and Pharmacovigilance

The combination of the Akriva Health platform, application of the OMOP Common Data Model and our AI Scientists provide the capability to identify the quality of data and the evidence that can be generated from the clinical records thus reducing time and resource needed to collect, investigate and report on adverse events.

Market Access and Sales Tracking

The Akrivia Health platform identifies which competing drugs are being used as potentially within specific clinical scenarios, off label use and where potential compliance issues may exist. In addition, the data will be able to support Patient Access Schemes should the drug is considered to be too expensive by local government.

Clinical Trial Optimisation

Link healthcare organisations with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies to help deliver their R&D Strategy, generate revenue and improve trial efficiencies

Service Evaluation and Quality Improvement audit

There is still limited opportunity to work with de-identified patient level data, that has been structured, to conduct strategic or operational reviews. Where it is available, organisations do not have the ability to extract key information due to data formats and a lack of coding standards, missing data and duplicate data.

Information Governance constraints often limit the capability to conduct analysis using a federated search. Our platform enables work to be conducted on models that are statistically valid across multiple organisations under a robust Information Governance model.

Market Impact Analysis

Build custom analytics and build customer charts and tables in the Akrivia Health platform to gain insights into drug usage patterns to understand medication usage and errors.

Study Feasibility

Increase speed to first patient in data-driven analysis. Model, compare, and optimise feasibility scenarios faster. Study feasibility can help identify challenges beforehand and help in taking a decision on how to work efficiently at every stage of the study.

Patient Re-Identification

Use our safe re-identification service to enrol patients and begin your clinical trial with your pre-defined cohort of patients.