Patient-Centred Outcomes Research

Patient-centred outcomes Research

The Akrivia Consulting team can use Akrivia SynapseTM to analyse patient-centred outcomes, providing valuable insights into the patient experience and informing patient-centred care.

Here are some ways our consultancy team can support patient-centred outcomes research:

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

Akrivia Health can access patient-reported outcome measures such as surveys or questionnaires, providing data on their health status,

Longitudinal patient data

Akrivia SynapseTM contains a wealth of longitudinal patient data, including medical history, diagnoses, treatments, laboratory results, and medication records. Analysing this data allows researchers to track and evaluate patient-centred outcomes over time, such as disease progression and changes in health status.

Population health management

The Akrivia team can assess population-level patient-centred outcomes. By aggregating and analysing data from Akrivia SynapseTM, researchers can identify trends, disparities, and variations in outcomes across different patient populations. This information can inform interventions and strategies to improve patient-centred care at the population level.

Research and clinical trials

Akrivia SynapseTM can be used to identify eligible patients for research studies, track outcomes during the study period, and assess the impact of interventions on patient-centred outcomes.

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