Supporting the future of mental health​

Beginning life as UKCRIS in 2009, Akrivia Health span out from the NHS and Oxford University in 2019 with one simple mission in mind. To accelerate and transform the trajectory of research within Mental Health and Dementias.

These conditions simply haven’t had the focus they deserve, to truly identify sub-categories of disorders such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Depression and Dementia which would allow targeted interventions to take place to the right patient at the right time. 

With the largest and richest repository of real-world data utilising structured and unstructured data in neuroscience, linked with an extensive clinico-genomic dataset, Akrivia Health are global leaders in the application of Real World Data for mental health and dementias.

Our proprietary AI, NLP and data enrichment solution Akrivia Synapse delivers unprecedented depth in patient characterisation enabling our clients to better understand disease outcome, burden and intervention efficacy, identify potential targets for new molecules, and optimise patient outcomes through insights drawn from decades of medical

Combining these, our aim is to enable a new generation of precision neuroscience, to alleviate the burden in one of the world’s most pressing medical needs. 

Akrivia Health is more than just data. We provide the capability for change.

Our belief is that with the right data and information, the global community can change the trajectory of research to develop better mental health and dementia drug treatments, pathways and services.

The right patient, at the right time, with the right drug.

We work with healthcare organisations, researchers, drug developers, charities and many more.

If you want to accelerate clinical trials, understand market impact, review drug efficacy, characterise the patient and the patient journey, Akrivia Health can help.

“Akrivia Health presents a real opportunity for accelerating and translating new discovery medicine, including prevention and treatment, into better health outcomes for sufferers of mental illness and their families. We're able to add value by continually enriching the clinical content available to clinicians, researchers and scientists which will truly deliver many more opportunities to predict, identify, prevent or manage mental health conditions in the UK."
Mike Denis | CEO