Safety Surveillance and Pharmacovigilance

Safety Surveillance and Pharmacovigilance

Using  our proprietary AI, NLP and data enrichment solution Akrivia Synapse™, the Research consultancy team utilise over 17BN datapoints to provide comprehensive analysis.

Adverse event monitoring

Akrivia Health can Identify and monitor adverse events associated with specific medications or interventions. By analysing large volumes of the real-world patient data, our Research Consultancy team can detect potential safety signals and adverse event patterns that may not have been apparent during clinical trials.

Signal detection and hypothesis generation

: Akrivia Health can help identify potential safety concerns or new associations between medications and adverse events. Using Akrivia SynapseTM enables the detection of signals that may warrant further investigation or hypothesis generation. These signals can then guide targeted pharmacovigilance activities and help prioritise resources for in-depth safety assessments.

Comparative safety assessments

Akrivia SynapseTM allows for the comparison of safety profiles across different medications or interventions. Researchers can analyse real-world data to assess the relative safety of various treatment options and identify potential differences in adverse event rates, severity, or specific safety concerns.

Risk-benefit assement

Akrivia Health can provide insights into the real-world balance between the benefits and risks of medications or interventions. By integrating safety data from Akrivia SynapseTM with efficacy data from clinical trials, researchers can conduct comprehensive risk-benefit assessments, considering the broader patient population and real-world clinical practice.

Safety in special populations

Akrivia Health can help evaluate medication safety in specific patient populations, such as children, elderly individuals, or individuals with comorbidities. By examining real-world data, researchers can identify potential safety concerns or variations in treatment response across different subpopulations.

Post-marketing surveillance

We support ongoing safety monitoring of medications and interventions after they are approved and enter the market. By continuously analysing real-world data (RWD), regulators, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers can monitor the long-term safety profile of medications, identify rare or long-term adverse events, and take appropriate action to mitigate risks.

Data linkage and enhanced safety signals

Linking RWD from various sources to the Akrivia Hub can provide a more comprehensive view of patient outcomes and facilitate enhanced safety signal detection. Integration of RWD with other data sources, such as genomics or social determinants of health, can help identify potential risk factors or interactions that contribute to adverse events.

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