The acceleration of clinical trials through the optimisation of Akrivia Health’s platform

It is difficult to imagine the world of science without its laws dictating the need for clinical trials. Most probably there would be a great abundance of questionable medicines in our pharmacies and many unsound techniques practiced by physicians, despite their theory being promising.

Perhaps however, in some aspects medicine would be further advanced than it is today. It is logical to assume that, without the hinderance of many
years of clinical testing required for the development of new medicines driving costs into the tens of millions, there would be a great opportunity for smaller researchers and pharmaceutical companies to play their part in creating many ground breaking drugs for even the most complex diseases. In fact, one study suggests that a great majority of all clinical trials for new drugs become delayed or never begin due to a lack of resources available to the hosting party; primarily a lack of participants. It seems reasonable that many of the drugs awaiting these trials could be revolutionary medication that may have been adopted into common treatments far quicker had it not been for the expensive and time consuming factor of clinical trials.