The necessity of personalised data in precision medicine- A programme by Akrivia Health

It is probably true to say one of the most terrifying aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is in its very nature as a disorder; a currently untreatable condition. Such an uncompromising word would, understandably so, lead sufferers and their families to despair upon a diagnosis. “Untreatable”, Akrivia Health considers is a misleading term, however. It may have no implication when considering the preventability of the disease and certainly it does not lead to it being untreatable in practice.

A most promising advancement in the research of Dementia, in particular AD, can be found in the clinicopathological results concluded from studies conducted on the current health data of those with the disease, that have been made available to researchers.

Ultimately, it is the goal of Akrivia Health to provide research projects with the data needed to accelerate such insights.