Why AI?

As we know, medical records can cover a long history of diseases (as Akrivia Health has found up to ninety decades) and can include a vast number of diagnoses, symptoms, results, medications, and laboratory values, we could truly benefit from advanced search capabilities to allow for the retrieval of relevant data. Especially with diseases such as mental health and dementia, where early symptoms are hard to recognise or not obvious, and diagnosis can take over a decade.

Our approach to accelerating research is grounded in the principle of data protection by design and default. The technologies and methodologies we develop and used are designed to both enable research whilst simultaneously protecting privacy and confidentiality. This is true innovation.

Technology continues to offer ways to improve mental health and dementia. Modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) (machine learning in particular) is being used in the development of prediction, detection, and treatment solutions for mental health and dementia.

Artificial intelligence enables researchers to better define mental health illness and dementia subtypes and understand patient symptoms, with the goal of creating more effective and personalised treatment plans.