Akrivia lead UKMinds neuroscience initiative to provide unique drug discovery Opportunities

UKMinds is a 100,000-subject precision neuroscience initiative developed and led by Akrivia Health designed to uncover novel treatment options for the most challenging conditions in neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative medicine

Unique Clinical and molecular Insights

UKMinds combines detailed clinical phenotyping, genomic sequencing, biobanking for ‘omics and digital health

UKMinds will be the largest precision medicine cohort study focused exclusively on neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative conditions. Together with extensive clinical data available on these patients through the Akrivia Health CRIS platform, supplemented by on-site data collection tailored to the research interests of our stakeholders, the clinical phenotype of this cohort, will be the most thorough of its kind.

driving value to the Life Sciences ecosystem

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Enhance your research capability, drive income into your organisation, and access critical insights pertaining to your patients


Access the worlds largest precision medicine cohort focused exclusively on mental health and dementias and advance your leadership in this critical and growing therapeutic area

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