Using Electronic Health Records to Recruit Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment for Clinical Trials

Clinical trials for psychotropic medication typically involve an elaborate screening process, where patients are required to meet complex inclusion and exclusion criteria to qualify for research participation.

Screening criteria are usually envisaged with the aim to identify people who have a clear-cut diagnosis without many otherwise frequent comorbidities. However, psychiatric patients often exhibit traits present in overlapping diagnoses², and are frequently prescribed medication that has broad effects on neural function. This mismatch between research needs and real-world mental illness leads to a time consuming and resource intensive screening process. Invariably, a large proportion of patients are found to not meet the criteria for participation3,4.

At Akrivia Health, we perform a careful translation between inclusion/exclusion criteria set by our industry and academic partners, and information present in patient records. With Akrivia SynapseTM, our proprietary AI, NLP and data enrichment solution, we extract critical information from patient notes to identify individuals who have a high likelihood of matching screening criteria.